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Masonic Brotherhood: A Strong Fraternity Built on Shared Values

Masonic brotherhood is a concept that has been around for centuries, with its roots tracing back to the medieval stonemason guilds. Today, Masonic brotherhood continues to be a thriving and


Do smaller loads of laundry – Life Lesson

Do Smaller Loads of Laundry One common piece of advice when it comes to doing laundry is to opt for smaller loads. While it may seem counterintuitive to do more


EA Degree 2/27/2023

EA Degree 2/27/2023 On Monday, 2/27/2023, our newest brother received the first degree in Masonry and is now our newest Entered Apprentice! On behalf of our Baylor Masonic lodge #1235,


“It’s not all about you.” – Life Lesson

It’s not all about you “It’s not all about you.” a life lesson that emphasizes the importance of humility and recognizing that the world does not revolve around oneself. In


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Making Men Better

A mason is a man who professes a faith in God. As a man of faith, he uses the tools of moral and ethical truths to serve mankind.

A mason binds himself to like-minded men in a brotherhood that transcends all religious, ethnic, social, cultural, and educational differences.

In Fellowship with his brothers, a mason finds his way in which to serve his God, his family, his fellow man, and his country.

A mason is dedicated. He recognizes his responsibility for justice, truth, clarity, enlightenment, freedom, liberty, honesty and integrity in all aspects of human endeavor.

A mason is all this and more.



Frequently asked questions

What are masons?

A group (fraternity) of men who enjoy sharing the virtues of honesty, morality, integrity, and tolerance.

What do Masons do?

Masons contribute. Not necessarily monetarily, but by living their lives in such a manner that the world is better just because they live in it.

What do you get out of

Most men get the realization that it is not necessary to receive something tangible for every good act or deed performed.

Is masonry a religion?

No! To become a mason a man must profess a belief in God. However, masonry is not a religion, a substitute for, or a rival of any doctrine. Masonry does not preform functions of a church, has no sacraments, and makes no claim to save souls or reform sinners.

How do you join?

You must ask a master mason and he in turn will be happy to guide you, and more pertinent information will be provided.